The Iceman's Double Hollowgrinder
The answer to a knife makers prayer

A master knife maker at work

The Iceman is Bill McCann. For many years he has sharpened knives for friends, relatives, police and fireman around his hometown. He also made knives to start with for himself. He would always have someone fall in love with his handmade knife and offer to buy it. So, it would be sold and another knife would be made to replace it for himself. Eventually , he made knives and offered them for sale. He went to flea markets and knife and gun shows on the weekends, offering his sharpening service and a few hand made knives for sale. About twenty years ago he made the decision to make knives and scissors his career. Saying goodbye to a twenty plus year career in construction, he set out to make his name known.

Bill made his name known in the hairstyling business by sharpening all kinds of salon equipment and gaining the respect of some of the best shops in the South.

Bill is known as the Iceman because he uses dry ice in the sharpening process. Dry ice protects the metal while the sharpening is being done by reducing the heat from the friction and results in a much sharper and more durable edge. Bill has developed a unique process for sharpening knives. With his technique he has won the Title of World Champion Knife Sharpener for 20 years in a row

Bill has traveled to introduce people to his sharpening skills and began offering service by mail. He showed his handmade knives as he traveled and has sold many knives to people who appreciate quality.

It was during this period if time that Bill began searching for a machine to reduce the amount of time required to makes the knives that he so dearly enjoyed making. Many people consider his hand made knives as their most cherished possession.

Bill realized that the main bottleneck to producing hand made knives was the hollow grinding process. It is this part of the knife making process that is the most difficult to master. By grinding each side of a knife at a time, many hours are spent trying to match the contours of both sides of a single knife. Mastering the hollow grinding takes most people many years and produces hundreds of second rate knives. He started making inquiries with companies that produced knife making machines about purchasing a machine for hollow grinding both sides of the knife at the same time, at the same rate of speed with equal precision on both sides.

A master knife maker at work

Much to Bill's surprise, no such machine had ever been offered. Several major companies had considered the concept and decided that it was an impossible task. No one had ever been successful in producing a machine to hollow grind both sides of a knife at one time.

Bill saw no reason why such a machine could not be built.

So Bill set out to prove them all wrong by building the machine that could not possibly work. It took a lot of trial and error, a lot of time and patience and several prototypes were developed but Bill finally created a machine that will hollow grind both sides of the knife at the same time, with precise control.

The Iceman's Double Hollowgrinder, the impossible machine, is truly a fantastic addition to any knife maker's shop. The only additional machine that is needed for hand making knives is a drill press to make the holes for mounting the handle materials to the blade. This machine can be used for sharpening as well, although there is a much better method befitting the first class quality knives that this machine can make. The Iceman's Double Hollowgrinder has additional features besides the miracle of shaping both sides of a piece of metal. There are workstations for profiling the knife and shaping the handles in record time. Final polishing of both the metal and the handle materials is easily done on the Iceman's double grinder.

A master knife maker at work

Bill was asked by another knife maker how was he able to sell knifes of superior quality for so much less than the other custom knife makers. He knew how much time was involved in making a knife and thought that Bill was practically giving his knives away in comparison to the amount of time spent working on a knife. He said that Bill was making almost nothing for the time spent building his knives. Bill invited him to come to his shop to see the process that created these beautifully made and inexpensive to own knifes.

A few days later at Bill's small shop in his home, the other knife maker visited Bill. The Double Hollowgrinder was concealed with a box. He looked around and saw none of the equipment familiar to him as a knife maker. He said that he saw nothing to make knives with much less save time in building knives.

Bill then uncovered the machine that he had developed and asked if he had time to watch Bill make a knife from a 10 inch flat bastard file. It was noon and the other knife maker had an appointment at 3:00 and so it would be impossible to see a knife being created. Bill turned on the machine as his friend watched and profiled and hollow grind the file into a fully formed knife and then asked "Now what time is it?" "12:07" the man said as he sat down hard on the ground shocked at the small amount of time involved with creating a custom handmade knife. "It would take me two days to reach that stage with a knife with my own equipment. You did it in seven minutes. How much is that machine? I have to have one."

Needless to say, this knifemaker is now the proud owner of an Iceman's Double Hollowgrinder and he says that he is producing more knives than ever before. And he is selling them for a lower price each yet making more money by increasing his volume of sales.

 Take notice that the sparks flying from this are V shaped. This is caused by the doublegrinding in action on both sides of the blade at the same time. This is what was considered to be impossible.
Take notice that the sparks flying from this are V shaped.
This is caused by the doublegrinding in action on both sides of the blade at the same time.
This is what was considered to be impossible.

Bill McCann the Iceman has produced the machine that the experts said would not work.
And he has cut the time required for making custom handmade knives from 2 days to less than 10 minutes in the hands of an expert. The Iceman's Double Hollowgrinder is the answer to any knife makers dreams.

The Iceman's Double Hollow Grinder is powered by two one horse power electric motors. It has 6 inch cutters for making hunting and skinning knives. There are also available 4 inch diameter cutting wheels for making pocket knives. Since the abrasive material used is belts that are commonly available everywhere hardware is sold, this machine is capable of doing rough cuts to finishing polishing in just a few minutes time.

A master knife maker at work

This machine is not available anywhere else in the world.
It is new and has patents pending on it's unique design.
The introductory price is only $4000.00 plus shipping and handling charges for delivery to you.
It weighs about 290 pounds crated and palletized and is shipped anywhere via truck from the Birmingham Alabama area.

A master knife maker at work

The Iceman will be happy to demonstrate the machine for you, by advance appointment only.

This ultimate knife making machine could be yours as well. It is now being offered for sale by the Iceman thru this website and by contacting the Iceman at his home by calling (205) 744-0383 or writing him at

Bill McCann the Iceman
209 7th Avenue
Pleasant Grove
Alabama 35127

The Iceman also offers for sale his world champion sharpening machine that uses diamond impregnated rubber and a stainless steel wheel.
With his sharpening system even a spoon can be sharpened to an edge sharper than a razor.
This is offered for $2000 each.

You may also learn the techniques that the Iceman uses with two different one day personal instruction courses from the Iceman himself for $1000.
One course is one how to build knives using the Iceman's Doublegrinder system. It includes how to acquire materials used in bulding custom knives as well as the actually building of a custom knive.
The second course is on how to sharpen knives using the Iceman's sharpening methods.
These courses are discounted by $250 each when purchased with the equiptment for sale on this website.

This does not include lodging nor meals nor travel expenses but could set you up for a successful career as a custom knife maker.

And of course you can contact the Iceman about purchasing his custom hand made knives at prices starting at $100 and up.

Sharpening of knives, scissors, most anything with a blade is offered starting at $5.00 per blade.
Even serrated blades such as those used on Spyderco knives can be done.

A knife made from a file
Custom handmade knife made from a file with a african buffalo horn handle.

A master knife maker at work
Shaping of the handle using the rear section.

the incredible double grinder machine by the Iceman
The incredible double grinder machine by the Iceman.

A master knife maker at work
Both the steel and the handle are being shaped.
This makes for an perfect fit on the finished knife.

Side view of Doublegrinder showing double grinder in front and work stations in rear
Side view of Doublegrinder showing double grinder in front and work stations in rear.
Notice that two different grades of abrasive belts are installed. In this configuration
both grinding and finish polishing belts are installed.
This allows the knife to be made from a file to a roughed in knife shape
that is ground on both sides using the front position for double grinding
to final shaping and polishing of the blade and the handle
using the rear section of this incredible machine .
The only additional step to creating a finished knife is the
final sharpening which is done on another machine that is available
thru the Iceman also.

E-mail the Iceman's friend. I'll forward the info to him. Bill is busy making knifes and machines
A beautiful handmade knife with elk antler handle